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We had great feedback on your closing keynote! It moved the participants and was the perfect ending to the day; opening people up to the most important subject - the human factor.
— Head of Leadership, Culture, and Inclusion, France


Rob has spent more than 20 years in consulting with the specific intent of helping clients deliver a return on investment from behavior change in the workplace.

A magnetic speaker and storyteller with a self-deprecating sense of humor, Rob is able to connect people to ideas and inspire them to think differently, and critically, hold them accountable to taking action that will lead to new behaviors and results.

Rob’s experience of igniting and driving to sustainable transformation in organizations across the world delivers practical advice that can drive to human behavior change in complex strategic, technology, and process environments, in sectors as diverse as Manufacturing, Entertainment, Telecoms and Media, Retail, Transport, Education, Central and Local Government, Energy, Natural Resources, Gaming, Consulting, and Fashion Clothing.

A frequent guest writer, Rob’s passion is to help individuals, teams, and organizations reach their highest goals, and he brings his invaluable experience to bear in shaping the vision and strategy of the firm. 



Co-Elevation: The New Way to Collaborate. Collaboration is no longer enough. Now, more than ever, the world is about managing networks to achieve specific outcomes. Networks are the basis for how work gets done: for one to succeed, everyone must succeed, which requires a new level of commitment and accountability. It requires everyone to co-elevate their teammates.

Rob’s unique insights, focus, and humor during his keynote proved that Rob is a powerful organizational change agent, and he provided structure and ideas for my next 90 days of action. He is a specialist and we can really benefit from Rob’s wisdom and battle-proven insights.
— Executive Change Leader, Southern California

Relationship Action Plan

The Relationship Action Plan, or the RAP, is an algorithm that enables you to prioritize who you must build a relationship with, and how to do that in a deep, meaningful and authentic way. Rob describes how this practice focuses your mindset and behavior on the people that are most impactful to your goal, all while leading with generosity.

Rob delivered an amazing and witty presentation outling the keys to organizational change, best structure and process to achieve program success and client satisfaction. His insights were priceless! The tips I learned will support me in my role. Thank you Rob!
— PROGRAM LEADER, Global role

The Future of Work

The future of work is organized around temporary teams focused on the achievement of a specific goal or outcome. Reporting lines become more and more irrelevant and the power of influence becomes your success driver. Small teams come together for a specific purpose, which means we must be more successful developing relationships with these people. Rob highlights how we cannot be restricted by hierarchy and management, how we must talk with whomever we need to get something done – and do it right. One person at the top of an organization will not make an organization successful. Instead, crowd source ideas and effort in service of achievement, growth, and joy at work.

I was lucky enough to be present at one of Rob’s keynote speeches. He demonstrated a deep understanding of organizational transformation methods and delivered it with capacitive energy and humor. Rob has a mastery of his field, no question. I strongly recommend Rob.
— Participating executive

Organizational and Cultural Transformation

What struck Rob about his consulting roles in the past, is that the failure point nearly every time in successful transformations are the people. Leaders expect companies or organizations to change, and companies don’t change, people do. And it starts with you. It’s time to lean in as a humble human being on your own development journey.


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