The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
— Albert Einstein


You are an intelligent person.  You keep all of the plates spinning in your life; your home, family, work, career, day to day tasks, and you do it with a smile on your face.

Then at the end of every day, week, month or year, you notice the time has flown by and there's that one thing - or maybe several things - that you didn't achieve. And that was the thing that you really wanted to do, have or be.

Make your life amazing, too.

So what's currently missing from your life that you really, really wanted? Remember that thing you make new year resolutions about every January, or the thing you promised yourself the last time things didn't turn out right for you? How much happier would you be if you could do that, have that or be that?

You're not alone. But there is a way to break the cycle and get the results you want.  And the funny thing; the capability is already within you. You just need to unlock it. And there are so many contexts in which we can work together to help make your life great. Take a look at some of the high level examples below:

  • Understanding how you are defeating yourself unconsciously with your weight loss/gain plan and what you can do instead that will be more effective
  • Changing your procrastination strategy to a totally motivating strategy so there's no being stuck in the mud and you can actually achieve everything you want to get done without putting it off for hours, days, weeks and months!
  • Changing what you like at the unconscious level to stop you eating/drinking/doing those things that you shouldn't! What if you could really stop eating those cookies or stop smoking?
  • Removing limiting beliefs that are holding you back and installing new powerful new beliefs that will help you achieve your goals in work, relationships and life
  • Gaining dating confidence so you either take your first dating step or take your relationships to the next level
  • Removing a phobia so you don't have to fear flying, spiders, clowns or any of the thousands of phobias that exist today
  • Installing new choices to stop you biting your nails, getting frustrated in traffic or being nervous when you present in front of others
  • Giving you a positive anchor that will help you be your true resourceful self at difficult times
  • Understanding how you decide to do things like shopping, exercise and relationships and learn how you are self-sabotaging
  • Reducing personal, internal conflicts that are keeping you from using your energy in a focused way
  • Understanding your personality at the unconscious level so you know what truly makes you happy, motivates you and why your business and personal relationships aren't giving you what you want
  • Determining your unconscious values and understanding how your values impact your ability to achieve the results you've been trying unsuccessfully to realize
  • Changing your unconscious values to help you achieve your conscious goals
  • Being specific with language so you can get the answers you're looking for
  • Building strong, effective personal and business relationships

And if you want even more practical examples of the value I can help you unlock, read on:

Fitness & Health

  • What if you achieved that fitness goal and looked and felt great on the beach, by the pool, in the gym, at the upcoming wedding or simply alongside your friends and/or partner?
  • Would it be useful if you could give up that food/drink that you have to have? What results would you get then?
  • Maybe you've tried a diet before and it didn't work. Would it be useful if you were truly motivated and it worked this time?
  • How would it be if you could really stop smoking?

Career & Work

  • How about if you could break through that personal barrier that was holding you back in your career and you could exceed your own expectations and those of the people around you?
  • What if you were in a place to make that business idea a reality?
  • Would it be useful if, as a salesperson, you could build great relationships with your clients and increase your results?
  • What if your sporting performance didn't hold you back? What would that give you?


  • Would it be good for you if you felt that you deserved a really great relationship and you knew you were good enough to have one?
  • How about if you could turn the relationship you have into the one you actually want? Would that feel good?
  • Maybe you have a mental barrier from your experiences in a prior relationship that is holding you back. How would your relationships change if that wasn't there anymore?


  • How would your life be if you didn't procrastinate?
  • Would it be useful to you if you were able to focus on getting that list of things done every day so you felt great when you went to bed each night?
  • How much more would you achieve?

Believing In You

  • Do you truly believe in yourself? How would it be if you really did?
  • What if you could access your magnificence and be the person you really want to be?
  • How different would your life be if all of those doubts and blockers just disappeared?

Direction & Getting Started

  • What if you don't know where to start and you need guidance in developing your purpose and creating a plan for the new you? Would that be helpful?
  • Would it be useful to have someone to check in with you from time to time?

Confident Public Speaking

  • How would it be for you if you were excited about speaking in public, at work or in social groups and could do it with ease?


  • Would it be useful for you if the phobia you have was no more? What possibilities would that open up for you?

And so much more...

  • From assertiveness, stress and dealing with grief, there's a way to make it easier. And that's got to be better, right?

And that's where I come in.  

That's right.  And quite frankly, the sooner you get in touch, the faster you'll get the results you are looking for.  And that's when you'll truly realize what you have been missing out on.  So don't delay - you've been doing that enough.  Click on the button below and learn more about who I am and what I can help you achieve.

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