Tribal Instincts Transform Your Company

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At Ferrazzi Greenlight, we create our change movements by inspiring your team to join, and be part of, a significant transformation – one step at a time. Whether you’re in manufacturing, business services, or finance, our methodology is applicable to all industries, and we tailor our content to your specific challenges and opportunities, deploying our proven approach and framework with the best practices to deliver your desired results, in a faster, more engaging, and imminently more joyful way.

The origin of our movement approach is rooted in history and our tribal instinct. Over the course of the last 50 or so years, we’ve seen time and time again individuals start movements of change that have radically shifted the landscape within and beyond the anticipated area of impact. In 1955, Rosa Louise McCauley Parks – an American activist in the civil rights movement – refused to give up her seat in a specific section of the bus she was traveling on. The United States Congress called her "the first lady of civil rights" and "the mother of the freedom movement". In Stonewall Inn, back in 1969, people spontaneously gathered in what is widely considered to constitute the most important event leading to the gay liberation movement and modern fight for LGBT rights in the USA. And many more examples exist, including Me Too, Black Lives Matter, and so on.

Each of these started with someone challenging the status quo, and others joining in and forming a movement. By opting in, the people in each case became a powerful force for change, and this is precisely what organizations need today to transform. Gone are the days when traditional change management alone was sufficient. In this change-fatigued world, where tomorrow is exponentially more complex than today, and where the shifting sands of technology, process, strategy, ecosystems, relationships, and much more, are keeping us on our toes, people in organizations everywhere are crying out for an easier and more joyful way to change the way they work.

By inviting people to join a different kind of transformation effort within your organization, you’ll instantly get their commitment to get results. Then our work continues with a foundation of co-creation, which is an approach that invites participants to identify the challenges and work to solve them. This approach has many benefits; greater buy-in, more comprehensive solutions, and increased executive support, creating a common “we will succeed” mindset shared by all.

There’s more too, and our methodology includes steps around defining a north star and measurable outcomes, instilling psychological safety, developing a commitment to peer to peer coaching, and much more. In our application of our movements methodology, we have seen time and time again significant results, in a faster, more enjoyable way, and in today’s complex and changing environment, that has to count for a lot. Maybe you are intent on sales growth, shifting course under a new leader, or even rebounding from bankruptcy. We have your back and will partner with you to get the best results and a significant behavioral and economic return on your investment.

Rob Whitfield is the CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight, a behavior engineering company that provides keynote speaking, coaching, and consulting services to organizations around the world. If you’d like your team to be more agile in mindsets, behaviors, and practices, and to achieve benefits that are well within reach, get in touch and we can explore how you can empower your people to want to aim higher, together. Not only will your results speak for themselves, but you’ll have more control, satisfaction, and joy in your day to day work. Follow me on LinkedIn, or get in touch to start shifting your results.