Do you live mighty?

Many people start to think about the different aspects of their lives as they head into a new year and, in the process, people make decisions about what they want to do, what they'll change and how their lives will be afterwards.

Although January is a pretty typical time for this, it is arbitrary. There's no need to wait for a specific time of the year to decide to make changes to your life though society often places expectations around us doing so then.

I would suggest that everyone can make a change, or several changes, to improve their life and I would encourage you to do so now because we only get one life and it really does fly by. Just as you wouldn't sit and eat food you don't like, why would you live a life every day that you don't love? 

As a result, the latest One Brit, No Bull newsletter is about challenging your own expectations, not taking things for granted and making changes that will make a real difference to your life.

You'll learn more about how you think and how companies use your internal thought process to make you buy things by playing on your unconscious mind. In addition, there's a time and money saving tip that could also reduce your email traffic substantially. In another article, you'll find out why winning a rollover jackpot lottery may not give you the dream life you want and how you can get it more reliably instead. If you're looking to save time and money and to focus on what's important to you, both of these are essential reads.

You'll have an opportunity to consider your career and whether you love it enough to start working at 2.30am each day, plus there's also a practical exercise you can do to determine how you feel about your job. It's time to get curious about this and it starts with just a few minutes of your time. Why wouldn't you do that to get some new insights that may just help you trigger a significant change in your life?

In addition to hearing from some really delighted One Brit, No Bull clients who have made significant changes to their lives, you'll also have an opportunity to understand how you can take a lesson about your own success from the weather. Yes, really!  

It's a packed edition and I hope you'll sign up now to receive your free copy of this valuable read. Then, enjoy the articles, think about how they apply to your life and then go out there and live mighty.

Whatever you do, make your life amazing.


One Brit, No Bull