There's no "undo" button in life

We've all made mistakes. And in life, there's no "undo" button that allows us take back an action.

Often though, people move from one mistake to another, creating a series of mistakes that spirals them into a place they truly do not want to be.

Think of a person you know on a diet, who goes out and drinks when they say they are having a dry spell. That's the first mistake. And then, having had a lot to drink they decide to consume all of the things they've said they won't eat; hamburgers, fries, bread and so on. They're compounding their first bad choice (given they were not drinking alcohol at all) with other bad choices (the food they were not eating) and the next day, they wake up feeling bad for the things they've done. They may also then decide to eat more food because they've already "fallen off the wagon". And so the process continues until days, weeks and months later when they realize that the breaking point was that first drink that was a mistake that triggered many others. And this is just one example of many...

Sure, it isn't great to make a mistake but one mistake doesn't need to lead to a series of them.

Making a mistake, and learning from it, can be a great outcome. And that's a lot better than making a mistake, not learning from it, and then compounding that mistake with plenty of others.

The next time you wish you had an "undo" button for something you did, remember that you can choose to learn from it and make a positive outcome or let one bad choice lead to another. It's your call.

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Rob Whitfield is the CEO and Founder of One Brit, No Bull, a corporate training and coaching company based in Los Angeles. Rob can be contacted here or on +1 5189 NO BULL.