A perspective above all others

I have spent a lot of time on planes in the last month. Indeed, I travelled around 17,500 miles in just three weeks. It's not unusual for me to do so and it's a good job that it's never an issue for me as I fly regularly for work and I enjoy the experience of flying. I love watching the world fall away during take off, seeing the sun during the cruise at 36,000 feet and feeling the bump as the wheels touchdown at the destination. Then, of course, there is a world of possibilities when arriving in either a new or familiar location.

The best sensation for me as it all unfolds is the realization that we are always so deep in our problems that it can be difficult for us to see the possibilities that would enable us to solve the issues we are facing.

As soon as the plane takes off and the world is further away than when I was standing in the terminal building, I get an immense sense of perspective.

Suddenly, the constraints that we believe bind us are lifted and with a quick glance out of the plane window, I am faced with a view that reminds me that there are other people out there, there is more than the bubble I might otherwise consider myself to be in, and there's always more than one way to get to a destination.

As the hours pass, I push myself to see things differently. I find new solutions to challenges that I feel have plagued me for restless days and nights, I see possibilities where previously I only saw blockers and I feel my spirit rise - literally and figuratively - as the world reveals itself to me.

I know many people who use lots of different techniques to get the same outcome as I do when I fly and I encourage my clients to use these so they find new resources, options and ways forward. 

We can all truly grow when we face a challenge and choose to tackle it head on. Each time we do this and we overcome the challenge, we have grown and are able to deal with more - and bigger - challenges in the future.

And like my clients, I remind myself when I land that having the knowledge of the solution is only part of the journey to solving the problem. It's then up to me to make sure I harness that knowledge and keep myself honest as I complete the plan to get to the end game. So, as I walk off the plane after we've reached the stand, I know that I've made a commitment to follow through on solving that challenge and I hold myself accountable so that I don't lose that wonderful gift of perspective that flying offers.

What would you solve if you had a new perspective on your challenges and how would that help you grow? What if you could achieve all of the things you have your heart and mind set on? Wow!

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Rob Whitfield is the CEO and Founder of One Brit, No Bull, a corporate training and coaching company based in Los Angeles. Rob can be contacted here or on (+1) 518 9NO BULL.