Be careful what you ask for!

In Neuro-Linguistic Programming, there is a presupposition that the only meaning of communication is the response you get.

So, if you've ever said something and got different results from the person you were talking to than the results you were expecting, you may want to look at what you were saying and see if that was the cause of the unexpected outcome, rather than "their misunderstanding"!

And, of course, when I say "what" you were saying, I also mean "how" you were saying it.

There is so much to study in the subject of linguistics and it's truly a wonderful area to deep dive into. In my experience of working with language, and especially quantum linguistics, I have found that we don't say what we really mean and often, as a result, we don't get what we hope to achieve when we say it.

Think through the last work meeting you had. Did everyone get the results they were looking for? Did you walk away with the outcomes you hoped for and in the timescale you expected? Probably not. And it's endemic because we have become lazy communicators.

I am working with a client right now who wants to elevate his position in the company. He is a mid-level manager and wants to get to the next level. He's intelligent, clearly able and yet his communication style lets him down and doesn't position him - in the minds of others - as a leader, so it's holding him back.

However, if he chooses to use some of the techniques that I am showing him, he will be seen as the leader and his promotion will be closer. And that's just through the conscious use of language and simple linguistic techniques that, frankly, anyone can learn!

And this goes beyond normal day to day conversations. What we say to ourselves also impacts what we can achieve, so we must be careful when we are speaking to ourselves through our internal voices. What you think and say to yourself have a profound impact on what you can achieve; it's a true case of mind over matter.

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