The power of praise: a client's testimonial

Take a look at this testimonial from a new One Brit, No Bull client:

So, I have been going through a lot of changes the past 6 weeks. I moved across country, quit my job, and ended a relationship that I was not ready to end. To say the least, I have been feeling very emotional and really sad until last Friday when I talked to Rob. Our talk just snapped me out of me living in the negative and holding on to the past. Being able to talk to Rob about not only my professional goals but about my personal life has helped me process all this change and begin to heal. I am a strong person and I know I would have gotten to that point of living in the positive eventually but I would not have been able to come to that point as quickly if it weren’t for Rob. He truly has been such a positive force in my life!
— A very happy One Brit, No Bull client

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