Give up giving up... no more diets!

Whether you are on a fitness kick in preparation for a special event, a family occasion or just to feel better on the beach, you are in the company of millions of people all across the world who are engaging in diets, fitness regimes and exercise plans. And the things is, most people fail in their health and fitness goals.

You've probably tried a few, perhaps many or all of the offerings in the massive health and fitness market. And you may have had short term results that have made you feel better, but the results fade quickly and before you know it, you're looking at more weight than you started with, you've spent a fortune on DVDs, supplements and gym access and you're further away from your goal than before you worked out and gave up all of your favorite food!

There are a number of reasons why diets alone do not work and I find the best way for clients to get results is to work with them across all aspects of their life so everything is working in unison, barriers are removed and possibilities open up. You can diet as much as you like but if you're hitting the cookies every day because there's something wrong at work or there's a relationship issue, you're just fooling yourself that the diet or fitness plan will give you what you're looking for. Chances are, it won't.

So, instead of doing it the same way again and again and getting the same results, do something different. Welcome to One Brit, No Bull's no more diets service. Find out more here or head over to and learn how you can get your very own "how to" starter guide, absolutely free* (value $49.95). And there's more. You'll also receive an invite for a free* consultation (value $99.95) where we'll discuss some additional concepts directly relevant to your situation. Plus, you'll be able to ask questions on your goal and start to shape an approach that will help you achieve it. And for a limited time only, there's no charge to you for either of these services*.

So, start your transformation off strong and sign up now. There's nothing to lose but the unwanted weight. And how would that make you feel?

One Brit, No Bull.

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