Give your conscious mind a break with this fun game!

Sometimes, it's great to give your conscious mind a break and do something fun, creative and interesting that will allow your unconscious mind to take some time to talk to you.

It's a little bit like the experience you might have walking into a room to get something but you can't remember - at the conscious level - what you went to get. Then you leave the room and go and do something else, and your unconscious mind tells you what it was you were looking for! In life, we need to listen to our unconscious mind, but we're often too wrapped up in conscious thought to let that happen!

One of the best ways to do this is to engage in a game or similar activity. These days, people have their phones and tablets with them most places they go, so One Brit, No Bull brings you a game that will allow you to take a break from conscious thinking and enjoy some time for your unconscious mind to communicate with you.

In addition to you taking a break from what you are focusing on and getting some clarity on what's important to you, you'll also be helping an important cause because a share of the proceeds from the game is donated to a fantastic charity (currently, the Save The Children Fund).

Introducing, Jumpi! You can download the game free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store now, using the links below:

So, give your conscious mind a break and see what your unconscious mind has been trying to say to you, all while having some fun!