That's right, it's good to be curious!

I was talking to a friend at the weekend and during the conversation she said that one of her children is really curious about things in life and her other child was much less interested in finding out new things in the world. My friend explained that her daughter was really very happy with what she knew and going out of her comfort zone made her, well, really uncomfortable.

As we spoke, I remembered how I was as a child. I was pretty sure I didn't like tomatoes. And when I was in Italy once, we went to an authentic pizzeria and my family ordered pizza. However, because I didn't like tomatoes, I had a margherita pizza without any tomato on it, which is essentially cheese on a cracker. It was nice, though looking back, perhaps I should have tried it the way it was intended to be served because I now eat tomatoes regularly in any form.

So, I explained this story to my friend and over the course of our discussion, she remembered what it was like growing up and how she did similar things with food, activities and places. Sometimes she knew what she wanted and she didn't want to change course. In that moment, she got a good insight into how her daughter was feeling.

And beyond that, I reflected on all of the times I have been curious in my life. Each time, I have learnt something either about myself or about the world, and each time, I have grown as a person.

Coaching is a great way to learn more about oneself, too. We are really like icebergs; we know a lot about ourselves consciously and this is the part of the iceberg that sits above the waterline. Then there's a tremendous amount we don't know consciously though we still know it, just at the unconscious level. A coach can help you open your conscious mind to your unconscious thoughts and help release resources that you didn't know (or had forgotten) you had. Imagine the power of that! And yes, it's much more powerful than changing your mind on whether or not you eat tomatoes.

As well as being an experienced management consultant and energetic public speaker, Rob Whitfield is a certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a certified Master Coach and a certified Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy. No Bull. Start your transformation journey here.