Quit job, move to an island, sell ice cream!

There have been a few news stories recently about people making significant changes to their lives and quitting their well paid jobs in solid careers, leaving their homes and moving half way around the world to sell ice-cream on a beach.

It's a drastic move and it might be right for some people, but for most, it's too much. I haven't met the people in the news articles so I can't comment on their specific situations, though I would say that there are lots of ways to resolve the problems you might face in your life that don't involve something as significant as giving up the people and things you really do love and moving to a completely different location.

For most people, a change in one aspect of their life would bring about significant results across their whole life. For example, making a change to a work situation may bring widespread relief and comfort that significantly improves home life. So, before taking the big plunge and moving half way across the world, work with a coach to determine the barriers that you are seeking to overcome and exhaust all possibilities before deciding to give up on everything you know today. And having thought it through properly, if that is still the right answer, you'll be more prepared when you arrive to have the greatest experience of your life, won't have regrets at the decision and will have planned for success.

As well as being an experienced management consultant and energetic public speaker, Rob Whitfield is a certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a certified Master Coach and a certified Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy. No Bull. Start your transformation journey here.