Look up! Don't miss all the action!

During the daily rush to get places, we often focus on the ground beneath us rather than the beauty that is everywhere else. Our focus is too frequently on the plastic and metal brick we hold so dear that shows us who is having a great time or who is being professionally successful via the mobile app staples of Facebook and LinkedIn. And as we rush to the next appointment, we're missing life all around us.

It might sound like a strange question, but did you know it is May 2015? Time flies by whether or not we are being successful, regardless of whether we make the most of the time and achieve all of the things we said we'd achieve. As it is, we are now over 1/3 of the way through this year - how did that happen?!

So, take some time to reflect on the goals you set earlier in the year and see whether you have achieved them. If you did, well done! It's time to set new, bigger goals that will get you even more success and happiness! If not, then it's time to re-focus and identify ways to get what you truly wanted. Start by looking up from your phone, seeing all of the things that are happening around you and taking time to decide what is really important to you.

It's never too late to plan for a great year or to improve your life. You can do it now. So, get to it and look up!

As well as being an experienced management consultant and energetic public speaker, Rob Whitfield is a certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a certified Master Coach and a certified Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy. No Bull. Start your transformation journey here.