The Wise Man and his Dog

The wise man took a walk with his dog and after hours treading the roads and climbing the hills, they happened upon a village they had not seen before. As the wise man arrived in the village, he looked around and saw people who were happy, some who were content and others who were unhappy. He approached each person and asked them the same question, "If you could go back and live your life again, what would you change?".

The replies came in thick and fast. Those who were content or unhappy had regrets about missed opportunities or effort they didn't expend to get them where they wanted to be. But they were too late; they had missed the boat. One after another, they could - with perfect clarity - recall the moment that could have changed their life but they had not chosen to seize that opportunity and use that moment wisely.

When the wise man asked those who were happy what they would change, the answers were harder to find. Consistently, people struggled to reply with anything of substance. As the wise man prepared to leave the village and continue on his journey, a thought entered his mind. "No-one ever looks back and says I am too happy and too successful", he mused, as he walked away from the village. That night, as the stars lit the sky and his way, he vowed never to miss an opportunity again.

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