If I give you 1 extra second, will you use it wisely?

February can provide us with an extra day during leap years, though the next one isn't until 2016. That said, those of you looking for more time in 2015 to really make your life amazing by achieving your goals, getting what you want and being who you want to be can take solace in the fact that 2015 is longer than a typical year. Indeed, you'll have an extra one second to do with as you please, even though you'll need to wait until June 30th to enjoy it. A word of warning to the procrastinators out there: you could easily blink and miss this extra time so it's a good idea to start planning for success now! You wouldn't want to waste this golden opportunity, would you?!

What will you do with your extra time? Perhaps you know what needs to change before you find yourself at that extra second and you're working on it now. Maybe you don't know yet and you'd appreciate some independent advice on how to shape your life. Or maybe you think it doesn't matter because it's only a second, but let me remind you that time is something you can spend freely but never accumulate again. If you had to choose how to spend your last dollar or pound, you'd think carefully about that. Why not challenge your thinking when it comes to time and spend that wisely too?

Let One Brit, No Bull help you identify what is truly important to you and how you can spend your time being the happiest you can be. Time is running out to enjoy a free and confidential coaching session by signing up here or learn more about the services and sign up (spam free) for discounts, competitions and more here.

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