Would you like an out of body experience?

Take a moment to step outside of your body. Imagine floating above your body and looking down at yourself. See where you have been and where you are headed. Does it look good to you? As you listen in, do you like the things you hear? And how does it feel to be able to look objectively at your life? Whatever you are thinking and feeling, hold that in your mind as you return to your body and start, once again, to see the world through your own eyes.

Now it's time to be honest with yourself. As you had your (albeit brief) out of body experience, what lessons did you learn? What is holding you back? What isn't as you would like it to be? What do you need to change? What will you change now?

It is always helpful to have an independent, third party's view of difficult situations. Sometimes we lean on friends or family, though they are not truly independent. How valuable would it be for you if you had a completely independent life coach to tell you how it really is and hold you accountable? Well, now you can. Get in touch with One Brit, No Bull for exactly that. Time is running out to enjoy a free and confidential coaching session by signing up here or learn more about the services and sign up (spam free) for discounts, competitions and more here.

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