It takes three to tango; your minds and body!

You've heard the expression "it takes two to tango", but I imagine never before in relation to your achieving your goals. Your mind (or minds, if we separate out the conscious and unconscious minds) and body must work together to help you achieve your goal(s).

When you are consciously looking to achieve an outcome but your unconscious mind does not support or value the outcome, then it won't happen for you.  By way of an example, look at the number of people who pay monthly for gym memberships but never go to the gym. Hands up if that's you.

Having an alignment between your conscious and unconscious mind will help drive your body to get the outcomes you are seeking. And if your body's actions are driven consistently by two forces that are aligned, your goal will be easier to achieve than it is not to achieve. And wouldn't that be something? Imagine a world where you can only achieve your goals.

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