How can 60 seconds shape the rest of your life?

A decision, like where to live, who to date, where to work, which company to start, where to go on a life changing holiday, how to adjust your finances for a brighter future?

An action, like signing up for a class, booking an adventure, taking the initiative and having a tough conversation at work, asking a friend to start a business with you, doing some research that would widen or narrow your options?

60 seconds can have a huge impact on your life, maybe not right now, but it starts a process that could seriously change your life in a week, month, year or decade. Not everyone knows how to use 60 seconds for the best effect in their life right now, or they don't know which area of their life to focus it on. And that's ok because everyone needs a little help sometimes. So reach out to a certified, experienced coach and therapist who can help you with the challenges that you are facing so that you can harness the power of your 60 seconds. Let One Brit, No Bull help you identify your priorities, create an action plan and set you up for success today, tomorrow and forevermore.  Time is running out to enjoy a free and confidential coaching session by signing up here or learn more about the services and sign up (spam free) for discounts, competitions and more here.

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