"It would be rude not to"

You're heading out for an evening and the alcohol is flowing. Inhibitions drift away like an autumnal leaf on a fast flowing river and you are having an amazing time. You are catching up with people you love spending time with and speaking both about times you've enjoyed in the past and those that are yet to come in the future.

As the night progresses, you encourage each other to speak freely, share dreams and drink more. You push each other to be honest, take chances and break through boundaries. Towards the end of the night, you check to see whether you should have one final drink "for the road" and the responses are clear; "it would be rude not to".

The next day when you wake up, energized from a great night out (though not necessarily energetic), you return to your old ways, your boundaries reappear and the dreams and ideas that all seemed possible the night before fade into impossibility and obscurity.

There's a way to capture the energy that possibilities bring and change your thinking so that everyday life is full of language and action that supports the achievement of what might otherwise seem impossible. How amazing would your life be if you were able to step outside of the constraints that hold you? How different would your outcomes be if you could see the possibilities as clear as day, each day, just like you can when you're out with your friends and they suggest, "it would be rude not to"?

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