A tale of two horses

Without a care in the world, the two wild horses jumped the fence surrounding their paddock and ran as fast as they could. In their minds, they were doing everything they could to be free; jumping barriers, galloping at full pace, exceeding their own expectations.

As they reached the end of the road they had a choice; turning left towards the city or turning right towards the beach. Without thinking, one horse turned left and bolted towards the city. The other horse considered his options and decided that the beach would provide more freedom, cleaner air and an easier life, so he turned towards the right. Both ran, full steam ahead, towards their respective destinations and when they arrived, they were both exhausted having given everything in getting to their end goal. The horse in the city was satisfied with his new location. It provided much, much more variety than his previous home and there was a lot to do, see and enjoy.

The horse arriving at the beach was delighted. He had expended the same amount of energy though appeared to have gained more. The wide open spaces, the waves lapping against his hooves as he walked along the beach, free from the boundaries that previously constrained him. 

As a driven professional, you work had every day. You give your career, the projects you work on and the challenges you encounter everything you have and that's a great thing to do! However, before you invest 110% each day, check that you're heading in the right direction and the outcome is truly what you want (city versus beach). Then take a moment to see if there's an easier way to get the same outcome before you start galloping towards the goal.

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