And Cher asks, "are you strong enough?"

Take a look around at the role models that are important to you now. They didn't start their journey at the top. Indeed, everyone started out somewhere either at the bottom of the ladder or near there and they worked hard until the successes started coming. And for many of them, they hit hurdle after hurdle, stumbled and fell and kept coming back for more as they learnt lessons and used those to better themselves.

Cher is a great example of that; she didn't walk into her first contract with ease. She worked hard to get where she is today and of course she thought to herself, when things went wrong, "if I could turn back time". It's natural. But she took something from each failure that made her "strong enough" to "believe" and look at her now.

I'm pretty sure, whoever your role model is, they went through the same learning curve and overcome their own struggles to be successful. The question next is, will you overcome your own struggles to be the person you want to be? Maybe working with a certified, experienced coach and therapist will make you strong enough to get there.

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