The hot air balloon of perspective

The basket lay on the grass, sideways, rather than upright. In front of it, a patchwork of colors lay on the ground, gently moving in the breeze. As the hot air balloon's pilot turned the burner on, the balloon's fabric started to shift with a purpose and the balloon filled with hot air turning the structure into one with a higher purpose.

On the ground, the shadow of the balloon could be seen by many and grew larger and larger as they ascended. As they rose higher and higher, unencumbered by perceived boundaries, their horizon grew, possibilities became real and doubts drifted away on the wind. Then, perhaps for the first time, they knew that they could.

Imagine seeing your world in a new way, without the boundaries that many people feel are in place. Imagine the possibilities as you look down on a world where you can change one thing about yourself and you do. And then you go on to change another and another until you make your life amazing.

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