A four-legged friend's perspective on... you!

You walk into the house and looking back at you from across the room is your very own Rover, Fido, Whiskers or Thumper. If you have a pet, or you know someone who does, I'm sure you've wondered what the pet was thinking. As he/she looks at you, with those cute eyes and a heap of affection (for the food you control), do you feel that there is an element of judgement coming your way?

Maybe there is. Maybe your cat, dog or other pet-sized friend is thinking about all of the times you were going to do something but didn't, all of the barriers you put up yourself that prevent you from being as successful or as happy as you could be and all of the times you procrastinated - again - on that same activity that would lead you to your goal.

Whether Rover, Fido, Whiskers or Thumper is really thinking this deeply about your life is one thing but the question really is, are you? If not, it's time to do something about it and a great place to start is to get someone 100% on your side to help you identify your priorities, focus on the activities that will give you the greatest gains and hold you accountable along your journey.

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