Thanking beyond the tip of the iceberg

Wherever you are in the world, and whatever you do, now is the time to take a look at what you have achieved and who helped you get there.

In your career, take time to thank the mentors and coaches, the leaders and managers and your colleagues and teams who invested their time to make you successful. You may be a star performer, but you couldn't be where you are now without the collective help of all of the people around you. Take time to thank them today because they made your career amazing. 

In your personal life, take time to thank your other half, your close friends and family members. They've been there for you whatever has been going on in your world and they've been supportive of you throughout all of your choices; the good, the bad and the ugly! Take time to thank them today because they made your life amazing.

For the people who helped you fly today to wherever you are, take time to thank them. Behind every journey you make are hundreds of people who have each played a part in getting you there. Planes don't fly themselves and the visible team of pilots and crew are just the tip of the iceberg. Invisible to most people, though critical to airport operations, are the traffic controllers, the ground staff who prepare planes and move luggage, the ticket agents, support and security staff who get you safely on board. Take time to thank them today because they made your journey amazing (and even if you didn't like the journey itself, it got you where you wanted to be and who you wanted to be with).

If you're eating a special meal today, think back to the farmers who helped grow it and the people who helped prepare the food so you could conveniently buy it from a supermarket or restaurant. Take time to thank them today because they made your meal amazing, even if someone dropped the carrots when they took them out of the oven.

If you drove somewhere today, or took a bus or train, thank all of the people who helped get you there. The engineers and mechanics who have made that journey possible, the drivers who carry the petrol to your gas station so you can fill up, the people who turned up to work so you could travel even though their child was ill or they were having a tough time. Every one of these people deserve your thanks so take time to thank them today because they helped you be where you want to be.

We often take for granted the effort that goes into helping us on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. We only see the tip of the iceberg and we spend little time thinking about everything below that visible tip that makes it all come together. So take a little time today to thank all of the people who have made your day possible.

One Brit, No Bull would like to thank everyone, wherever you are in the world, for contributing to making a difference today. And perhaps, just perhaps, being thankful might spill over into tomorrow and the day after.

Rob Whitfield is the CEO and Founder of One Brit, No Bull, a coaching and corporate training company based in Los Angeles and operating worldwide. Rob can be contacted here or on (+1) 518 9NO BULL.

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As well as being an experienced management consultant and energetic public speaker, Rob Whitfield is a certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a certified Master Coach and a certified Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy. No Bull.