Are you saying "goodbye holiday sparkle" and "welcome back, frustration"?

You made it to the end of the first full working week of January 2015. How does it feel? Is the sparkle of the holiday season wearing off? Are you remembering what you didn't like about your work, relationships or home? Is your frustration creeping back in?

How many times have you witnessed someone being a "square peg in a round hole"? Behavior gives the game away even if the person isn't aware of the incongruent signals they are sending and it is easy for other people to pick up on those messages. Look around now; you'll find examples right in front of your eyes. By allowing ourselves to stay in work places, relationships or home situations that don't make us truly happy, we are wasting our energy and resources, wasting our time and, quite frankly, wasting our precious possibilities on this beautiful planet. If you feel like this resonates with you or you know of someone in this boat, perhaps you should reach out to get some world class coaching from a certified, experienced coach who can truly help you find your way.

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