The captain, the map and the unexpected horizon

"The ship set sail and a year later, the captain looked to see whether they had reached where they had planned to go. They were thousands of miles from their intended location and as the captain and crew looked out at the horizon and compared it to the map, they frowned before looking at each other, puzzled."

Welcome to the last day of January 2015. About a month ago, you either decisively came up with some resolutions for 2015 or you stumbled around and made them up on the spot when people asked you what they were. Regardless, now's the time to measure your progress.

Most people wait until the end of the year before they reflect on how well their resolutions are working out for them. This is, though, not the right answer. We need to focus on what's important to us and take many more regular checkpoints so we can be sure of making the right progress towards our destination and, if needs be, take corrective action. And that's one of the ways a certified, experienced life coach can help you; holding you to account and providing mental space for you to think through possibilities, remove perceived blockers and push you to get to the next level.

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So, don't be like the captain. Don't get to where you think you are headed and realize it's not where you wanted to be. Don't leave it so long before reviewing your progress. And don't miss the opportunity to have someone on your side who will help you make your life amazing.  #youcandoit #takeactionnow