Thriller, Horror, Rom Com or Change?

Thrillers and horrors not top of your list of films to watch? I get it. It feels better watching a comedy or a rom com. But don't get comfortable doing that. Sometimes we need a wake up call, a reminder that there's something else out there, something that can challenge our thinking and help us see new possibilities. I work with clients who find that being comfortable is often the enemy. They stop trying new things, stop trying to get to new places, don't achieve as much, stop focusing energy and resources on being the amazing person they really could be. We all have a desire for more - it's a human condition, it's in all of us - so don't let that go to waste. Indeed, use that to help you realize your full potential. I know that if you do, you'll make your life amazing.  So, try that thriller or horror film, overcome your fears of the dark and then focus on achieving your full potential. And don't forget the popcorn!

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