The water slide of life... go!

If you've ever been on a water slide, you'll know that feeling. The nervous anticipation at the top of the slide while you're waiting for the go signal, while sitting in the tube, water swirling around you. You pull yourself forward and then all of a sudden, you're off. The twists, turns and dips come at you with a startling speed and then you're dunked into the pool at the bottom.

Sometimes, your working week can feel like that. You climb on the slide on a Monday morning and you're off. Although some parts of some days might feel like they go so slowly, before you know it, you're there at the weekend. And while that might be good, you've achieved very little outside of work. Give yourself permission to make time for yourself to have the experiences that are important to you as you go through your working week! Maybe you want to sit and watch the sun rise or set with your drink of choice or perhaps you want to catch up with friends over lunch or dinner. Don't keep putting it off. Tomorrow never comes. 

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