Give yourself a semi-annual performance review

How would it be if you could really break out of the routine at work and get to the next level? Or perhaps it would be better to break out of your current job and move to something entirely different? Is that what you need?

Rather than conceding your power at work to a semi-annual review process, invest a little time in reviewing your work/career situation, along with the other aspects of your life, and target whatever is holding you back. With an experienced hand to hold, it's easier than you think and can make a significant difference to how you think and the results you can achieve.

Some clients also determine their dream jobs through the process and leave behind their lacklustre roles when they take up a position that they are passionate about. Others launch their own companies. And that's got to be better than just passively waiting at the mercy of the clinical semi-annual review process for yet another cycle, right?

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