Don't let companies - or your own mind - put your life on hold!

It's fantastic, isn't it? We take some time out of our own busy day to call a company to fix an error that they caused and we get put on hold for extended periods. A few minutes becomes ten, ten becomes twenty and before you know it, it's an hour. And all the while we are hearing from the recorded announcement - between bursts of tinny music - that we are valued and are important to the company. 

You know me, I'm not a fan of bull. So to me, this stinks. We allow it to happen by staying on line and being on hold because we need to speak to the company to get them to fix something that's important to us, like a broken product, an incorrect bill or a failed promise. But the tide is changing. With Twitter, Facebook and other social media, we're turning to online sources to get us help, either without the wait or with a significantly reduced wait. Our patience has run out and it's about time.

I always ask clients to consider whether they are putting their own lives on hold by doing something, or not doing something, that would delay a desired change or prevent them from making their life amazing. People don't always consciously do this, sometimes they do it at the unconscious level, though it happens and it can have a significant impact on a life, just like the difference a one degree change of course can for a big ship when it sets sail. Imagine the impact of a failure to act or a delay in doing something over the course of ten or twenty years, or a lifetime. It's huge. And you're letting yourself down if you do this. How would it be if you could achieve all of the things you want to achieve in your life, have all of the things you want and be all the things you want to be? Wouldn't that be something truly amazing?

People do what they value. So do companies. Don't put your own life on hold! Start now, without delay, for a free, confidential coaching session at