The link between change and that chocolate bar!

At this time of year, a lot of clients tell me they have started a diet or a healthy eating plan and if that is supportive of their goals, I congratulate them and wish them well. I always ask how things are going in later meetings and I'm normally met with comments about their lack of will power to stick with the requirements of the diet or plan.

I don't know of many diets that encourage people to binge eat chocolate when bored at work, when frustrated with someone they are in a relationship with or when watching television, but apparently, all of these happen.

Dealing with triggers like those listed above (and many, many more) is so important and if it is done well, people then don't crave chocolate (or whatever it is that they turn to). Think about how powerful that would be in your life.

So keep this in mind the next time you reach for that chocolate bar: change comes from within, not from chocolate. Find out more about removing the triggers and even removing the desire to eat, drink or do those very things that are derailing you from achieving your goals by getting in touch for a free, confidential consultation at, or sign up for the periodic newsletter full of exciting life changing perspectives at