Did you already break a promise you made to yourself this year?

You started work for 2015 less than two weeks ago and this time you promised yourself you would find a great work/life balance, and you'd keep it. Right? And how is that going for you?

The problem about the work/life balance, as I see it, is that it's the wrong way around to start with. Surely, life should come first, even if you LOVE your job. We've spent years, decades even, talking about the work/life balance, but we've been missing the point. We should be talking about the life/work balance because this puts life at the front of our mind and prioritizes our actions and behavior accordingly. Everything else flows from this, including our unconscious behavior. And if you're struggling with this, get in touch for a free, confidential coaching session that'll have you thinking about the life/work balance before you can say, "I'm in!".

Even better than getting a great life/work balance would be to change jobs/careers so that you love your work so much, you don't even notice that you are working. That's a winner, too, and not as hard as you think. Most people just need a structured way of getting to what really drives them, what they value at the unconscious level and what would give that feeling of working without it feeling like work. And, no bull, I can help with that as well!

Promise yourself you'll make it a life/work balance, not the other way around. And stick to it. Maybe start today. In fact, definitely start today: onebritnobull.com/success