Welcome to a new approach to achieving your fitness goals. Now, if you're reading this, you might well have had experience of tough diets and grueling fitness regimes in the past. So, take a look at these; which of these apply to you?

  • You've been on and off diets for years.
  • You've lost weight but put it back on almost immediately afterwards, maybe even more weight than you had before.
  • You are fed up with spending lots of money on ridiculous plans that don't work, taste bad and require you to work out 7 days a week on expensive equipment that can only be found in specific gyms.
  • You've subscribed to diet plans that require obscure meals with ingredients that cost a fortune or that require daily purchases when you don’t have time.

  • You've got fitness DVDs that sit on the shelf after purchase because they are not integrated into your day to day life and are easy to ignore.

  • You've downloaded free fitness apps that then require ridiculous in-app purchases that, once again, you may view once or twice before they are ignored.

  • You wish your closet was full of clothes that would fit, as opposed to clothes that look good but no longer work for your body size.
  • You are in the same place as you were this time last year and you are getting sick of it, or you've been in this place for years and are truly done with it.
  • You hear from friends that their diets work, but they never work for you.
  • You hate being on a diet, but you are on a diet more often than you are off a diet!
  • You want to commit to a plan that works, that allows you to look good without giving up on everything you truly love.
  • You want to feel the best you've felt in years but don't see a way to make that happen.


Let me be really clear; I am not a personal trainer. And I wasn't one when I worked through my own weight issues, either.

So yes, quite frankly, you're hearing from someone who has been there and tried it all. I used to be almost double my weight and I'm here to share with you how amazing I feel in myself now, and how much confidence I have in every aspect of my life. Do I care if I go to the beach? No, not at all! If there's a work event and I have to see lots of people in one room? I love it! Do I worry if there's a family event? No way!

Now, I fully understand that there is a science behind losing weight, but I'm here to say that our current practices only drive us to look at part of the process and there's a load of things we are missing when we embark on a fitness regime that are critical to our success. So, sure, you'll need practical tips that will help you physically lose weight by burning more calories than you consume, but there's more to it than this and that extra part actually makes the whole process much easier because it helps you align to your overall goals and drives all of your effort into achieving that goal. 


This approach doesn't give you a personal trainer nor a diet plan because those alone do not work; at best they provide a very short term benefit at a high financial cost. Instead, this approach avoids the typical pitfalls and instead gives you an approach that is: 

  1. Easy to follow
  2. Integrated into your normal day, so it becomes second nature
  3. Holding you accountable for the longer term so you don't give up after a few days
  4. Providing real-time support to help at those times when you face doubts 
  5. Focused not just on your health and fitness, but your all round success in life, your career and any other aspects that you'd like to include  

Now doesn't that sound like a better, more effective approach that's going to help you be successful?!

And you can take the first step to your amazing future by simply subscribing below for a download that will start you on your weight loss, fitness and health journey and help you refine your goals. Then, when you've done that, you can schedule a consultation at a time that will suit you. And right now, both of these are free for a limited time only!


I'd like you to think about your future right now. Perhaps close your eyes and really see all of the possibilities that would open up in your life if you were successful at achieving your fitness goals. Then consider these questions;

  • So what would happen if you met your fitness goals? Would you be happier?
  • What if you could step out in front of friends and family at a special occasion or at a regular get together and hear, "wow, you look great"? Would that be good for you?
  • How would you feel if you could get into those clothes that haven't fitted for ages and you could look amazing in them?
  • What if you had confidence again? What would that do to your social life, and even your work, career, and relationships?
  • How would it be for you to go on a vacation by the beach and wear what you want to wear instead of what you feel you have to wear? Would that make a difference to your life?


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