Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning
— Bill Gates

All of us think that our business or organization is doing a great job and serving customers the right way each day. However, without being there every day as a "fly on the wall", it's not possible to test this thinking. Customer Excellence is a service that helps you understand how your business is doing - from a customer's perspective - and how you can make changes that will benefit your customers and your bottom line.

How would it be if you could work with an experienced management consultant who could help you:

  • Understand when and where customers are being looked after and where you drop the ball?
  • Learn where opportunities for further sales, up-selling or cross-selling are lost?
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses in your service culture, and put a plan in place to make tangible improvements in the short, medium and long term?
  • Anonymously test call centers, websites, restaurants, hotels and other venues against your key criteria?
  • Understand expecting training and quality standards and be able to report against those?
  • Review service levels consistently across the world?

Based on a strong knowledge of how organizations work and what it takes to make customers happy so they recommend your business and want to use it again, Customer Excellence is a powerful tool you can use to help assess your current performance and then use the resulting information and recommendations to transform the way you look after your customers. With experience in all sectors and with a global reach, you can harness the power of my experience to understand how your people are doing on a day to day basis.

Sure, you have metrics and maybe a glossy dashboard to review each week. But there's no replacement for having an unbiased view of the experience your customers get at a physical location, or through a call center or website, every day. And ultimately, you are losing money if you don't plug the service gaps that exist in your business.


That's right.  And quite frankly, the sooner you get in touch, the faster you'll get the results you are looking for. And that's when you'll truly realize what you and your organization have been missing out on. So don't delay - you've been doing that enough.  Click on the button below and learn more about who I am and what I can help you and your company achieve.

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