Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much
— Helen Keller

You work so hard to drive performance at work.


Whether you have worked exceptionally hard to develop a team at your place of work or build your own company, you know there are still opportunities for improvement and things you need to do to take performance to the next level - after all, your competitors are doing this so unless you want to fall behind, you need to as well.

That's where I come in. I am an experienced global CEO, program manager and behavior change expert with a blue chip consulting background. I have a proven track record in driving complex customer-centric transformation in multiple industries. I'm a strong, motivational leader who builds businesses, completes projects on time and within budget, and delivers excellence in strategy, process, change and technology environments. I'm human too, and I maintain a flexible, adaptable style and appropriate sense of humor while driving to the accretive business results you are looking for. As a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainer, executive coach, seasoned keynote speaker & event designer/host that enables corporate and personal transformations, I'm the one person you should be talking to now.

Maybe there's someone who isn't fully engaged in their role, or perhaps things don't flow as smoothly in the team as you'd like them to. It may well be that you know there's an opportunity for improvement but you haven't worked out what the barrier is that you need to overcome. Whatever your starting point, I want you to succeed. And I'll help you achieve your goals. So get in touch and let's focus on you, your priorities and your success, and let's make your business results amazing.


Everyone at work will, from time to time, have doubts, face perceived barriers and not have all of the tools they need to deal with specific situations. And when you then add in the day to day workload, politics, management expectations and so on, the complexity multiplies. And that is all happening within your team or organization right now. 

How much happier would you be if the people in your team were smiling each day, productive and really knocked it out of the park? What would that do to your company's performance? And how about your team dynamic? What would happen to your state of mind and happiness if the team issues were resolved and everyone worked together rather than against each other? Would that save you valuable time and energy? And if you're undergoing a transformation at work and need to support your team members through process, technology or people-based change, then getting the right professional help during the transformation is critical.

Companies often employ independent contractors and management consultants to assist in developing individual and team performance. It does, of course, makes sense to have an objective viewpoint for short term engagements. That said, typically the professionals are missing solid credentials and don't have the experience to coach individuals or deal with their personal barriers and this is what impacts performance at work. So even if you hire a great professional to assist, you're wasting your money and time unless they can help the individual or team remove the underlying issues. That's where I come in. I am a seasoned management consultant professional and possess the certifications and experience needed to help drive individual and team-based change at both the conscious and unconscious levels covering a broad spectrum of work in;

  • One to one executive and leadership coaching
  • One to one performance management coaching
  • Team-based coaching
  • Team-based facilitation
  • One to one training of bespoke course content and/or your own course catalogue
  • Team-based training of bespoke course content and/or your own course catalogue
  • Customer experience analysis
  • Professional and public speaking

And there are so many contexts in which we can work together to help make your team or business truly amazing through any combination of corporate training, facilitation, coaching and customer experience reviews.

If you want even more practical examples of the value I can help you unlock, visit the respective page from the main menu or read on:

Start Up Strategy

  • Have you truly considered the definition of your strategy, and shared this in a meaningful way with your executive and leadership teams, as well as customer facing teams?
  • Would it be useful if you could get some advice on your new start up that would help drive early, and immediate, results? Is that what you've been missing thus far?
  • Perhaps you launched your internal initiatives but you aren't getting the traction you expected. How would it be if you could get some independent advice that would highlight the personal and work barriers that are holding people back from performing as you expected?

Effective Teaming

  • How about if you could fix a broken team and really get everyone to pull in the same direction? If each team in your organization worked in the same way, what would that do to overall business performance?
  • Would it be useful if your executive and leadership teams were united and demonstrated their commitment to employees at all levels of your company?
  • Would it be useful if, within your teams, you knew that the right mix of conscious and unconscious capabilities were present to deal with the day to day and strategic challenges?
  • Do you know if the people you have in their positions have values aligned to the outputs expected of them? Wouldn't it be useful to maximize the likelihood of success by ensuring values alignment across your executives and teams?

Perfect Prioritization

  • What if you had a clear list of priorities that your executive team agreed with and everyone was working on the right things at the right time? Would that improve results?
  • Would it feel good if each of your priorities had a set of actions and initiatives that would bring them to life?
  • Maybe you have too many projects and a moveable feast of priorities that is making progress difficult. How would your results change if there was a standard prioritization process that was easy to use?

Delivery Excellence

  • How much more would your team member achieve if he/she didn't procrastinate? Or perhaps you are the one that keeps putting off the inevitable and you need to stop procrastinating - does that sound right?
  • Would it be useful to you if you were able to focus on getting that list of things done every day so you felt great when you went left the office each night? How much more would you achieve?
  • Do you know there's a barrier to delivery quality work in reasonable timescales but you haven't identified the cause of the issue? Isn't it time to let a professional help you out?

Exceeding Expectations

  • Do you truly believe in yourself when you're in the office? How would it be if you really did? What results would come your way then?
  • What if you could access the magnificence you feel in your personal life and be the confident, successful person you really want to be when you're at work?
  • How different would your work life be if all of those doubts and blockers just disappeared?
  • How much more powerful would your team, department or organization be if everyone focused on exceeding expectations?

Performance Improvement

  • You're in a sticky situation and you have a person who is struggling to perform at level. You've tried interventions and they haven't worked. Isn't it time for an objective, professional opinion?
  • Would it be useful to have someone from outside of your organization to check in with you from time to time to help keep on track, away from the politics, emotions and day to day work?

Wow! Presentations

  • How would it be for you if you were excited about speaking at work or in front of clients, and you were seen as a confident role model?
  • Does the thought of PowerPoint send you to sleep? Do you want to learn powerful new techniques that will help you connect with your client, colleague or interviewer audiences and help you take a step up the career ladder?

Trust and Communications

  • What possibilities would open up for you if the culture of the team in which you work was characterized by trust and openness?
  • How would improved communications within your team and between the other teams and departments with which you work help you personally and professionally?

And so much more...

  • From a focus on customer service, to coaching for success, assertiveness, stress management, negotiations, sales techniques and being effective at all levels of the organization, there's a way to make it easier. And that's got to be better, right?

And that's where I come in.  

That's right.  And quite frankly, the sooner you get in touch, the faster you'll get the results you are looking for. And that's when you'll truly realize what you and your organization have been missing out on. So don't delay - you've been doing that enough.  Click on the button below and learn more about who I am and what I can help you achieve.

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