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Coaching and Consulting

Executive 1:1 coaching

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Individual performance is key to team-based success. However, for a variety of reasons, leaders are not always fully equipped to perform at their best and support the success of their teams. Coaching is a powerful tool that unlocks the full potential of leaders and enables them to become integral team members and role models in the organization. This requires developing competencies that are often beyond the scope of their current role and capabilities – relational, emotional, leadership, and coaching competencies that will achieve business impact and increase results individually and with their teams.

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Leadership Team Coaching

High Performing Teams

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A group of people who happen to work together is not a team; they’re a group of people who happen to work together! In our extensive research, we’ve seen time and time again individuals and organizations expect their teams to work effectively together, yet the expectation is based upon a broken premise: every single person has their own assumptions and expectations about how they’ll work together, and what good looks like is poorly defined. How, then, can we expect everyone to know the rules of engagement when they are unspoken, to exceed expectations when they are not discussed, to develop each other without a commitment to doing so, and to make achieving results easy even though our organizations are facing unprecedented change? 

It’s time for us to wake up to the reality; effective, powerful, winning teams are not accidental. Instead, we have to work intentionally – together – to curate these teams and supercharge their ability to generate the business results that are necessary in today’s tough business environment. Partner with us to tackle the mindset and behavior challenges that inhibit your success, and turn your people into powerful, supercharged teams that won’t let each other fail.

After being a team for more than five years, we spent our session with Rob learning how to actually be a successful team, and we achieved more of our real-life goals today than we have in the past 6 months.


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In our extensive research, we find that most teams don’t work together effectively. A combination of political pressure, organizational structures and policies, and personal preferences create co-existence, resistance, and resentment. In our increasingly complex world, where we rely more and more heavily on our ecosystem partners, those effects can be amplified, leaving us unable to successfully achieve our goals and support our customers. An experienced results-oriented facilitator will help you get the most out of your next meeting, workshop, or Kaizen event.

Whether an hour, a day, or a week long process, it’s possible to create psychological safety, hear all voices in the room, and supercharge the results from your session. With an experienced, independent facilitator, you can focus solely on the decisions and actions that will give you your desired outcomes, without worrying about hidden agendas, egos, and power taking the discussions off course. From pre-event preparation to post-event write up and follow up calls, you'll see the value in our approach that drives to your desired outcomes and holds your team accountable along the way.

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